All-terrain YAMAL

Dear all-terrain professionals and enthusiasts!

Allow us to introduce you a family of YAMAL all-terrain heavy-duty vehicles which we design and manufacture since 2010.

Our all-terrain vehicles are designed for crossing the sands, moors, fords, snow fields and all other types of rough terrain.

YAMAL vehicles are able to carry variety of loads at off-trail environment tailored exactly to your mission. That may include personnel, heavy loads, cargos and special equipment (see our Products section for details).

Our trucks, 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles have unlimited utilization geography. Many of them were tested at the harsh climate and terrain conditions of the thick snow fields of the Russian Arctic, moors of the Far East, rocks and high-elevation of the Caucasus Mountains and the steppes of the Central Asia.
You are most welcome to get the feel of might and robust nature of YAMAL vehicles!

And we are sure to find the right solution for your off-road missions.